Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Unnamed Comic Project

Hello! So, I've begun working on a yet unnamed web comic project set in a fantasy world. My pal Jared Cvetas (@WoolyToots on Twitter) will be joining in as a collaborator helping with some of the writing, as well as acting as someone for me to bounce all of my ideas off of. Jared is the DM for my weekly Pathfinder game, and probably the biggest fan of my podcast, Douglas and Dragons.

The web comic will be created in the standard profile orientation of comicbooks.  Once we get it rolling, I hope to put up an average of 3 pages a month. It will be a combination of single page, comic strip type jokes and multiple page story arcs. The comic will mostly focus on the employees of an agency that manages adventurers, acting as a middle-man between them and clients looking to hire them. I'm hoping to inject a good combination of humor and general bad-assery. It will definitely be geared towards adults, because of themes, violence, nudity, etc.

The most exciting thing to me, and where Jared's years of experience running D&D games will really be helpful, is what we are hoping to do with the comic down the road. We're looking to spin some Pathfinder compatible adventures out of the setting down the road. Maps, unique monsters, etc.

But, first things first. We need to get some stories out into the world! Here is a sneak peak of the first page I'm working on: